Terra Atlantica was founded in December 2014 when drummer Nico and guitarist/singer Tristan, who knew each other from a former band, decided to start a new project. They began writing songs and completed their crew with bass player Nick and guitarist Mike. Soon the concept of singing about Atlantis and other nautical themes evolved and a demo containing three songs was released.

Terra Atlantica hit the stage for the first time on August 28th 2015 at the Baltic Hell Open Air Festival and continued to play several shows afterwards with Bands such as Tragedian, Seven Thorns, Aeternitas, Shadowbane and Stormwarrior. In the end of 2015 they began recording their debut Album „A City Once Divine“, which took longer than expected but was finally completed one year later. Meanwhile Nick had left the Band but was replaced by Karim in 2017. In May of this year, a contract was signed with Gegentrend Records and the first music video was produced, soon to be released and to be followed by the album.





The Band is:


Tristan Harders

Nico Hauschildt

Mike Terman

Karim Djemai


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